One of the greatest elements of the online world is how it is an ever changing landscape directly reflecting the ideas, inspirations and cultures of the world at large. Viral phenomenons spring up and capture the minds of millions. Ideas congregate into pools of thought to be viewed, shared and critique by the masses.

Napoleon Hill, author of the book Think and Grow Rich, describes an idea which he calls “Infinite Intelligence” Infinite intelligence is a source of unlimited knowledge that all people can tap into with their subconscious mind. This is a source where “genius” is accessed and can be called upon to link abstract ideas for a definite purpose. A source where abstract ideas can be pulled from the ethos and translated into the conscious mind to be made real. While this idea is a bit abstract and might even seem hooky to some, it is a trait that I see reflected in modern web design trends today… specifically, the trend started with Pinterest.

When Pinterest launched, it created a unique experience on the web. It allowed of infinite source of information to be aggregated into a singular destination. Through the shallow “board” style presentation of links, users can share ideas, inspirations, and unique thoughts in a clear and quick delivery system. Truly, when Napoleon Hill describes his idea of Infinite Intelligence, he would have thought Pinterest has found a way of making his idea into a reality.

Another reality is that this style of display is growing quickly. More and more sites are using this simplistic style of web design to easily and quickly deliver content. Trudging through text links within search engines for ideas and information is passé… it is better to go straight to a source where all that data is pre cleaned.

Examples of sites that have embraced this for on web interface are:

Ultimately, it is overstating the obvious to say that Pinterest clones are popping up. Based on the extreme and massive traffic that floods Pinterest everyday, it is easy to understand that there would be copies. The truly unique idea comes from this… modern web design is evolving towards Napoleon Hill’s idea of infinite intelligence. I am not referring to a simple place where you can find anything you want, but a place where ideas connect to create genius. Methods of cleaning the endless data stream to be more effectively digested. A place where subconscious passions and interest meet with conscious reality. It will be exciting to see how the design interface that interest introduced is built upon and evolved… this is the where the future is going.

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