2012 is right around the corner and that means another year has past. Looking back on 2011 we’ve seen some monumental occurrences: computers are smaller than a sheet of paper, the war in Iraq is over after a decade, the man behind the most influential technology the world has seen is no longer with us, and some pretty cool commercials were aired. There are too many great television advertisements out there to show you the absolute best, so here are a few of my favorites that I’ve seen this year in no particular order.

Dirt Devil

Bravo Andre Price! This is one the cleverest ads I’ve seen in a while. It works on so many different levels. The premise is a priest getting ready to do an exorcism on a girl who is being dragged across the ceiling of her bedroom. It’s creepy until you find out that the old woman in the unit above is just vacuuming. Not only is it the perfect laugh out loud punch line, it illustrates the over the top power of a Dirt Devil, and it plays with the context of the name Dirt “DEVIL.”


This ad, by BBDO, captures the imagination of all movie buffs out there and shows that everyday life can be just like a Hollywood blockbuster. They do a great job of grabbing you with epic expectations and taking them away one at a time so you’re left with something we can all relate to. I also love the reference to all of the most overused cinema ingredients.

B&Q (

This spot for a DIY company by the name of B&Q is very well done and hilarious. The actress is dead-on with her performance of Shelley Duval in that memorable seen from “The Shining.” At first glance I didn’t realize it was a commercial. Then the guy comes in and it fades to black with the words “DIY doesn’t have to be scary” Great timing.

Old Spice

For the simple reason that every single person in the world loves heart-stopping, eye-shredding explosions, this interactive web ad is genius. It’s not quite a commercial but follows the Old Spice Man campaign from Wieden+Kennedy which is made up of some incredibly humorous and well put-together pieces of advertising.

All State

Another ad campaign that everyone is talking about is the All State Mayhem commercials. My favorite this year was “I’m a Raccoon”. These ads are effective because they’re relatable. Most of these scenarios have happened to everyone at one time or another and it’s very amusing to see a man personify those happenings using only his body. I mean who isn’t going to enjoy at a guy running around through insulation and saying “i’ve already had like 4 babies?!”

Toyota HiLux

Saachi & Saachi’s heart warning tale of a man and his truck is enough to bring any Toyota owner to tears. To see this guy yelling at the top of his lungs in anger over the loss of this pick-up is pretty funny. Then to end the whole thing with his screams of joy makes for an overall fun and memorable commercial.


This ad still gives me the heeby geebies. I think it works well because you go in expecting another “say no to drugs” commercial and come out with an urge to buy sneakers. Saatchi & Saatchi does a good job of making NIKE the new drug of choice.


The mini Darth Vader was everyone’s favorite commercial during the 2011 Super Bowl. This ad from Deusch doesn’t use any crazy CGI or over-the-top unrealistic gags. It succeeds because it’s fun. In a creative industry we try to use our imagination so much and sometimes it difficult. If we could only have the an imagination as vivid as a child’s. It just brings a smile to your face seeing the reaction of this kid when the car turns on. Simple and memorable.


This ad for Chrysler is the epitomi of pride. After all the hardships Detroit went through over the last few years its incredibly inspiring to the motor city strike back with this kind of force. everything from the cinematography to the music is so uplifting and deep it gives me chills. “Imported from Detroit” Awesome!


I had no idea what this company was or what they’re about, but after seeing this incredible commercial I went out of my way to find out. Any ad that can do that to it’s viewers is worth noting. This piece by BETC Euro follows a bear rug who has seen so many movies while laying in the family room he decides to become a big budget film director and takes on all of the mannerisms that come with it. I couldn’t help but laugh really loud the first time I saw this. Especially when they are in the conference room and the bear flips out. I love it.

I hope you enjoyed watching these commercials and were as entertained by all of them as I was. If you think 2011 had more to offer in the world of TV advertising please leave me a comment at the bottom or if you enjoyed and just want to let me know. Thanks and have Happy Holidays this year.

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