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When I grew up I despised documentaries.They tended to be boring, dull, and drawn out. But in today’s generation we see a shift in this thinking. Starting this new bandwagon was 127 hours. A movie designed to depict a documentary. All though this one was by all means not the first documentary ever, it got [...]

Easter is just around the corner, and holidays are a time for family, nostalgia, and high-running emotions all around. While emotions are often problematic, advertisers can use the emotional intensity of these times to their advantage. Holiday emotions range from sadness to nostalgia to joy. It is a great time to target these feelings and [...]

As humans we thrive on drama. It’s what gets our hearts racing and we all bite our nails in anticipation. But with advertising it’s a little different. Emotion grabbing ads have always drawn attention. Think back to the last Super Bowl. We all went ga-ga over the golden retriever puppy in the Budweiser ad. But [...]

The days are finally getting longer and supermarket walls are lined with marshmallow Peeps, and chocolate rabbits. That can only mean one thing: spring has arrived! Although spring is just the stepping-stone to summer, there are plenty of exciting things about this under-appreciated season. So in honor of spring, we have compiled a list of [...]

Are you enjoying March “Don’t Call It Madness” Mania like we are here at The Agency San Diego? Hopefully, you are and also doing so without violating copyright law. Marketers face a maddening situation this time of year. The terms “NCAA”, “Final Four” and “March Madness” are all legally owned by the NCAA and can’t [...]

Everybody knows how huge Pinterest has become in the social media space the past few years. Smart brands have leveraged the power of Pinterest to further their brand and identify influencers. Unfortunately, many brands see social media and Pinterest, as a way to “push” content. They don’t fully use the platforms to act social, like [...]

With the Super Bowl… Oh wait. I can’t say that. With the “Big Game” approaching this Sunday, everyone has the same question in mind: Which brand will have the best Super Bowl Commercial of 2014?   By the way, can we skip the 30-second “nerd vs. hottie tongue battle” this year? Thanks. That Super Bowl [...]

The average 30 second spot to air during Super Bowl XLVIII costs $4 million. Over the last 10 years the Super Bowl advertising spend topped $1.85 Billion. This year, as usual, is expected to be even bigger and better than 2013.  Over 100 million viewers are expected to tune into Super Bowl XLVIII. With that [...]


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